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Posturedontics offers two types of dental ergonomic consultations to fit your needs and schedule.


Skype Consultations

Analysis of equipment & body angles are critical for effective results.

Need answers NOW?

Tap into a wealth of Dr. Valachi's extensive ergonomic knowledge with a customized Skype consultation. Combining 20 years of dental ergonomic research and comprehensive in-office coaching, Bethany provides dental professionals with a unique opportunity to resolve your ergonomic challenges in your operatory, ask questions and receive recommendations.

The process is easy, and Skype consultations can usually be scheduled within 2 weeks:

  • Contact our office to schedule a consultation. Please indicate several dates/ times that would work best for a 1 hour consultation. Click here to register.
  • Multiple photos are taken at certain camera angles. Specific guidelines for the photos will be sent after registration.
  • Complete a Dentist Information Form, indicating the equipment you work with, its adjustment, recurring pain, work habits and more.
  • Send photos and profile to our office one week prior to the consultation.
  • Dr. Valachi analyzes the photos and profile prior to the Skype consultation.
  • One hour Skype consultation, targeting your most concerning ergonomic issues and those identified by Bethany from your submitted information.
  • A detailed Ergonomic Report is produced within 2 weeks after the consultation, describing problem areas and recommendations.



In-Office Ergonomic Consultations

Customized to meet the needs of your Dental Team

Our most comprehensive dental ergonomics service, the Posturedontics In-Office Consultation includes physical profile reviews, ergonomic assessment, videotaping, multi-media presentation, a hands-on practicum in the operatory, post video comparative analysis and a Recommendations Report for your team. All in the convenience of your own office! For teams under 8 members, the in-office portion of the program can be completed in one day.

To date, 72% of participating team members have experienced decreased pain.

ergonomic consultation pre-program1. Pre-Program Physical Profile Review

Prior to the program, each team member fills out a screening form including working position, equipment, and indicating any painful areas of the body. This is returned to Posturedontics two weeks prior to the program date to help customize the program to your office.

videotaping ergonomic assessment2. In-office Videotaping, Assessment & Equipment Trial

An ergonomic assessment and videotaping of the entire office, lab, operatories and front office is performed. This portion of the program is completed during normal office hours with patients scheduled as usual. Team members trial new ergonomic equipment that is selected based on the Team Member Profile informationreceived from each team member.

presentation3. Multi-media Presentation (2 hours)

Presentation includes:

  • Prevent & manage pain and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Identify symptoms and mechanisms of injury for the primary CTDs to which team members are most pre-disposed
  • Learn important features and adjustment of ergonomic equipment
  • Prevent muscle imbalances through chairside stretching
  • Implement optimal chairside positioning to minimize musculoskeletal strain
  • Develop balanced musculoskeletal health with a home exercise program

4. Videotape Self-Assessment Exercise

Team members view the morning video and perform an evaluation of their own working postures and positioning.

5. Hands-On Operatory Practicum

Receive one-on-one coaching in your operatory while your team applies the concepts learned in the presentation and self-assessment exercise. Problem-solving and trouble shooting is provided for the unique ergonomic challenges in your operatory.

sample report cover6. Ergonomic Assessment and Recommendations Report

The confidential ergonomic report, CE course completion certificates and video DVD of your consultation is sent to the dentist within 2 weeks after the program. Evaluation and recommendations are made for each team member, including front office, based on:

  • Team Member Profile
  • Ergonomic Assessment
  • Video
  • Hands-on practicum

7. 3-Month Follow-up

A 3-month follow-up is provided in person (if within 1 hour drive of Portland, OR) or via teleconference.

Materials Provided for In-Office Consultation:

  • "Practice Dentistry Pain-Free" books for each dentist and 1 office copy.
  • Chairside Stretching & Trigger Point Therapy DVD kit
  • NEW!  2nd Edition Home Exercise for Dental Professionals DVD kit
  • Positioning for Success in Dentistry DVD
  • Continuing education course completion certificates (4 CEUs)

Discover how a custom dental ergonomic consultation can improve your productivity, decrease pain and extend your dental career. Click here to register!

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