Fitball Wedge Ergonomic Cushion

FitBALL Wedge Ergonomic Cushion

Seat angle is important in promoting optimal operator posture, gaining proximity to the patient and preventing back pain. Operator chairs with non-tilting seats can be retrofitted with a FitBALL Wedge cushion to gain the benefits of a tilting seat pan. The adjustable air-inflated cushion helps prevent back problems and encourages good posture by engaging the deep postural trunk muscles. The tacky surface also prevents slipping forward on the seat and is easy to wipe down. Features both textured and smooth surfaces for your comfort.

Dental professionals are especially prone to the formation of trigger points due to sustained postures, muscle ischemia, and mental stress. Trigger points create pain throughout the body in predictable patterns characteristic to each muscle, producing discomfort ranging from mild to severe. Trigger point massage increases circulation and oxygenation in the area and often produces instant relief. This dynamic technique has made a huge impact among health professionals and the public alike, becoming an overnight classic in the field of pain relief.


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