Dental Ergonomic Product Reviews


Loupes were evaluated on ergonomic features only, and their ability to keep the operator within a safe head posture of less than 20 degrees forward (Ariens 2001). Forward head postures greater than 20 degrees have been shown to be related to neck pain.  Only four loupes passed the ergonomic criteria for consistently keeping the operator in a safe working posture for all face shapes.  Evaluators include practicing clinicians, faculty, and Ms. Valachi. For more information about the review and evaluation process, click here.

Bethany's book, "Practice Dentistry Pain-Free" provides important information you should know prior to purchasing magnification. The primary ergonomic consideration to consider when selecting telescopes is a steep declination angle.


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Website: Surgitel Flip-up loupes

Features: The Surgitel flip-up loupe, (Micro250 - top left) was one of four loupes that met our ergonomic criteria for keeping the head within a safe working posture of less than 20 degrees forward when mounted in an Oakley frame.  It was also the lightest weight flip-up evaluated thus far. A vertical slide adjustment enabled an excellent declination angle (and head posture). Clarity was rated very good. Frame comfort was rated excellent by evaluators. Both 2.5X and 3.0X are available in this model. Surgitel's higher magnification flip-ups also offer the same excellent declination angle.  The combination of lightweight and steep declination angle makes the new Surgitel flip-up loupes an outstanding choice for dentists and hygienists. 

The new Surgitel through-the-lens scope offers an ergonomic 'pantoscoptic tilt' feature that improves declination angle
by tilting the bottom of the frame backward toward the face. This feature improved declination angle over previous TTL models by approximately 15 degrees, enabling more neutral head posture. Clarity and comfort were rated excellent by evaluators. Sales reps of the scopes reviewed measured working distance accurately.  This scope did not consistently
keep all evaluators within a safe head posture of less than 20 degrees forward. 


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Website: Q-Optics Flip-up

Features: The 2.5X Flip-up model was evaluated, and easily met our ergonomic criteria for keeping the head within a safe working posture of less when mounted in an Eclipse frame.  This flip-up has an excellent declination angle, comfort & ease of adjustment.  Weight, clarity and field of vision were rated good by evaluators. The company has now resolved a previous hinge problem that caused the scope to swing away from the lens.  

The Q-Optics TTL loupes are among the two steepest declination angles on the market (the other is Surgitel).  While still not as steep as the flip-up, the Q-Optics TTL offers a good alternative for those who do not want a flip-up.


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Website: Heine HR Flip-up Loupes

Features: The Heine HR 2.5X High Resolution flip-up was evaluated and met our ergonomic criteria for keeping the head within a safe working posture. Evaluators rated the clarity excellent++, the highest rating for clarity of those scopes evaluated thus far. Weight and comfort were rated excellent. With the addition of an 'extender', an excellent declination angle was attained. Ease of adjustment was fair due to indepently adjustable oculars which adapt to the individual's interpupillary distance and eye position. Evaluators liked the 'extras': lens protective covers, lens cleaner, and defogger.


Website: Zeiss EyeMag Smart Flip-up Loupes

Features:  The EyeMag Smart 2.5 loupes were evaluated and met our ergonomic criteria for keeping the head within a safe working posture.  Clarity was rated excellent by all evaluators.  Weight and comfort were rated good. 

All other flip-up loupes evaluated at the dental school were not vertically adjustable and sat too high in relation to the pupil to provide a good declination angle. 


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Website: Orascoptic Loupes

Features: Both flip-ups and TTL were evaluated.

The Hi-Res Orascoptic flip-ups 3.5X were rated excellent clarity and field of vision. There was no vertical adjustment on these flip-ups, which resulted in compromised head posture.  This loupe did not pass our ergonomic criteria for safe head posture.  Declination angle was rated fair-good, depending on the operator's face shape. Comfort and weight of these flip-ups (older frame style) was rated good. Ease of adjustment was good/fair.

Evaluators found the new HiRes TTL scopes (Rudy frame-left) extremely lightweight, highly adjustable, wide field of vision, and comfortable. Declination angle of the Orascoptic TTL scopes with the new, larger Rudy frame was rated good when compared with declination angles of other TTL scopes on the market, since the scope sat low in relation to the pupil. However the frame style had no ergonomic pantoscoptic tilt feature and the declination angle of these TTLs  did not consistently keep evaluators within a safe head posture of less than 20 degrees.


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Website: Perioptix Loupes

Features: Two models were evaluated:
In 2009:  A vertically adjustable 2.5X flip-up with Hogie frames. This scope offered an excellent declination angle and easily met our ergonomic criteria.  Unfortunately Perioptix no longer offers this vertically adjustable flip-up loupe.  Clarity, comfort and field of vision were rated excellent. Weight and ease of adjustment were rated good. Vertical adjustment on flip-up enabled an excellent declination angle. One evaluator had difficulty with the magnetic scopes coming off the frames. 

In 2013: Perioptix now offers an 'ultralight' version of their flip-up that has no vertical adjustability.  This flip-up loupe has only a fair angle of declination, and did not pass our ergonomic criteria for keeping the operator within a safe head posture.


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Website: Seiler Loupes

Features: 2.5X flip-up style without vertical adjustability was evaluated. The scope sat too high in relation to the pupil on most evaluator's faces, causing declination angle to be only fair - good, depending upon operator's face shape.  This scope did not consistently keep the evaluators within a safe head posture of less than 20 degrees.Evaluators rated the frame and weight extremely comfortable. Clarity and field of vision were rated excellent.  

Procedure Scopes

MagnaVu- An extra oral camera is used to project an image onto an LCD screen.