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Here you'll find a variety of research-based dental ergonomic products to help team members develop balanced musculoskeletal health and prevent injuries, including books, ergonomic and exercise DVDs, positioning aids and trigger point tools.  DVDs are also available in PAL (European) format.



Practice Dentistry Pain-Free

Prevent Pain and Extend your Dental Career

Practice Dentistry Pain-Free:
Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent Pain & Extend your Career

This ground-breaking book goes far beyond dental ergonomics, to fill a void in the dental literature - bridging the gap between dental ergonomics and work-related pain. Learn easy, effective prevention strategies based on clinical experience and research.



Identify / Self-Treat

Identify & Self-Treat your Trigger Points

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-treatment Guide for Pain Relief by Clair Davies, N.C.T.M.B.

Dental professionals are especially prone to the formation of trigger points due to sustained postures, muscle ischemia, and mental stress. Learn how to identify and self-treat your trigger points.


DVD Kits

Positioning for Success

Implement Proper Ergonomic Positioning in Your Operatory

Positioning for Success in Dentistry: Essential Ergonomic Guidelines for the Dental Team DVD Course

NEW!  Earn 1 CEU while you learn the essential techniques to optimally utilize and adjust your ergonomic stools, loupes and patient chairs to work more comfortably and productively. Special guidelines to position the patient for upper versus lower arches, various tooth surfaces and adjustment of different headrest styles.  Learn three methods to safely transfer wheelchair patients in your operatory.


Avoid Muscle Fatigue & Improve your Posture

NEW! 2nd Edition
On the Ball Home Exercise DVD Kit 
Based on the latest research in back pain, exercise physiology and dental ergonomics, the 2nd edition DVD contains 3 complete exercise routines to help you prevent pain and work longer with less fatigue. Highly effective exercises that specifically target the unique muscle imbalances in dental professionals.



Relieve Chronic Pain

Relieve Chronic Pain in Dentistry with Self-Treatment Therapies

Chairside Stretching & Trigger Point Therapy DVD Kit

Earn CE credits while you prevent muscle imbalances and the progression of musculoskeletal problems utilizing a unique set of chairside stretches and self-treatment of painful trigger points utilizing a self-massage tool, the Backnobber.


Wellness Packages

Wellness Systems for Dental Professionals

Wellness System Packages

Save money and choose from 4 comprehensive Wellness Systems, including our exercise DVD kits, lecture DVDs, book and phone consultation. You will receive everything you need to work more comfortably, modify your operatory ergonomics, improve your musculoskeletal health and extend your career.


Dental Ergonomic Seminar DVD

Dental Ergonomic Seminar DVD for Individual or Group Education

"Neck, Back & Beyond: Preventing Pain for Peak Productivity" Lecture DVD

Recorded live at the 2008 Hinman Meeting. This 2½ hour DVD set includes Bethany's lecture, powerpoint slides, handouts and AGD PACE test questions for CEUs. The perfect education for your next dental team meeting or study club.


Wellness Packages

Enhance the Health of your Practice, Personnel, Patients, and Profits.

NEW! Healthy Dentistry Package

Expert information every dental professional must know. There are many challenges today in running a professional dental practice. In an effort to provide the best in dental care, the care of the dental team itself is often overlooked. Here's the information you need to know for your team to be its best. DVD/CD kit has detailed handouts on a CD-ROM.


Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Safely Transfer Patients in the Operatory

Wheelchair Transfer DVD w/ (Gait) Belt

Medically compromised patients can pose a challenge to the dental team. Learn 3 techniques to safely transfer patients in your operatory with this instructional DVD, laminated wall poster and gait belt.


Ergonomic Products

Crescent Dental Headrests

Patient Positioning for Perfect Posture!

Crescent Ergonomic Headrests

Bethany Valachi designed Crescent’s new Low Profile headrest to be used with double articulating headrests, while the Original Crescent headrest is ideal for flat headrests.


Massage Away Pain

Massage away Painful Trigger Point

The Backnobber II Tool

This tool allows you to self-treat painful trigger points by applying pressure to relieve muscle tension.



Prevent Low Back Pain

Prevent Low Back Pain

Ergonomic Wedge Seat Cushion

Economically retrofit existing operator chairs without tilting seat pans to achieve proper seating posture.




Decrease Muscle Strain

Decrease Muscle Strain and Correct Your Posture

Posture S'port Posture Corrector

A garment that supports the trunk and shoulders, promoting proper posture while working.



Prevent Carpal Tunnel

Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The WrisTimer®

The WrisTimer® wrist support helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and manage symptoms by controlling wrist flexion in the operatory.




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