Posture S'Port

Posture S'port

The Posture S'port is intended for temporary use during episodes of acute back, neck or shoulder pain OR for intermittent use during long procedures. The Posture S'port assists in proper spinal alignment and decreases back, neck and shoulder pain by gently pulling shoulders, spine and lower back into a neutral position. The garment can be worn under normal work clothes. Please specify waist size: Small (22-30") Medium (30-42") Large (42-54")

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NOTE:This product is intended for temporary, intermittent use only! It is not a replacement for strengthening the postural muscles of the trunk and shoulders. Prolonged, constant use of the Posture S'Port can cause weakening of the postural muscles. It is highly recommended that users of this product seek professional guidance for developing and implementing regular strengthening exercises for the postural muscles of the trunk and shoulder.