Dental Ergonomic Product Reviews


PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT sell dental stools. We provide product reviews only.

Products are evaluated on ergonomic features only. Evaluators include practicing clinicians, faculty, and Dr. Valachi. For more information about the review and evaluation process, click here.

Bethany Valachi's book, "Practice Dentistry Pain-Free: Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent Pain & Extend Your Career" provides important guidelines you should know prior to purchasing an operator stool: dental stool ergonomic features, adjustment and impact on your musculoskeletal health. Download an excerpt from Chapter 6 - OPERATOR SEATING EXCERPT.

Proper cylinder height, seat pan depth, seat tilt, backrest adjustability and waterfall edge are key to proper postural support and avoiding pain syndromes. The seat pan depth and cylinder height should allow you to maintain backrest contact with feet firmly on the floor, thighs sloping downward. Too short a cylinder can cause rounding of the low back, with subsequent low back pain. Most vendors will let you trial the chair for at least 2 weeks. Click on chair models below to link to manufacturer.


BQ Ergonomics Ergo Solex

Tel: 877.938.9034

Features:   This is one of my 'go to' saddle-style stools for women dentists and hygienists. The 'sit bones' rest on a flat surface, while the seat cut-outs allow the thighs to angle steeply downward providing similar postural benefits as a saddle stool.The seat does tilt, but I recommend positioning it nearly flat, as with a saddle stool. The newest version of the ErgoSolex stool has a shorter 'nose' on the seat that allows closer positioning to the patient, and a much plusher memory foam seat.  The dynamic backrest moves with the user and the 10" wide backrest was given the highest rating.  Overall, the stool was rated excellent by hygienists and dentists under 5' 7".  Taller operators found the seat not deep enough to provide sufficient support.  Several evaluators rated the 'free float' adjustment of the stool as good and quite useful to vary one's seated posture.  Available with 2D telescoping armrests.

RGP 400D Hybrid Stool

Tel: 800.522.9695

Features:  This new stool has been my favorite during my in-office consultations for most dentists and hygienists over 5' 6" tall.  This ergonomic saddle-style stool by RGP facilitates the same desirable leg position as a saddle stool, but without the groin compression and also offers a very contoured backrest that provides stable support.  Overall, it was rated 'excellent' by evaluators.  

BQ Ergonomics Back-Up Stool

Tel: 877.938.9034

Features: Designed by a physical therapist, the Back-Up Stool features a unique adjustable 'oblique' section on the front of the stool to allow closer positioning to the patient and also accomodate various user heights.   The 'sit' bones rest on the horizontal part of the seat, while the thighs rest on the oblique section and slope downward.  Most evaluators rated the stool 'excellent' in all areas, with the backrest receiving the most accolades.  This is my other 'go to' stool for medium & tall dentists for my in-office consultations.

Global Microsurgeon Chair

Tel: 800.861.3585

Features: Designed to be used in conjunction with the Global microscope. Has tilting seat pan & backrest.
Armrests adjust up, down, in and out and in front of operator (when positioned in front of the operator, armrests encourage slouched posture with rounded shoulders). Evaluators rated the ease of adjustment and lumbar support as excellent.  Comfort was rated fair/good, due to a firm seat that is not highly padded.

Crown Seating Vail C30H Chair

Tel: 800.417.4122

View the Crown Seating video on Operator Seating

Features: An innovative hybrid between a traditional stool and saddle stool. Triangle-shaped seat allows operators to sit at an ergonomically correct angle with thighs angled downward-without the expense of a tilting seat pan. Evaluators rated the small backrest excellent in terms of ease of adjustment and comfort. Access and adjustability were also rated excellent. This stool is especially well-designed for shorter operators (ask for a short cylinder) and hygienists. The price is right!

Crown Seating Virtu Stool

Tel: 800.417.4122

Features:  An ergonomic front office stool that offers several new innovative ergonomic concepts not found in other front office stools.  The seat moves with the operator via a patented new technology, the mesh prevents sliding forward when the seat tilts, as well as allows 'breathing' of material, and the backrest is uniquely contoured to fit the back.  Evaluators rated the contoured mesh backrest excellent and extremely comfortable.  (On a personal note, I now use this stool as my primary office chair, as the backrest is the most comfortable I have found, and has also helped eliminate an episode of back pain.)   Several evaluators rated the 'free float' adjustment of the stool as good and quite useful to vary one's seated posture.  Available in multiple cylinder heights to accomodate most users.  Available with fixed, adjustable armrests, which were not evaluated in  these trials.


By increasing the hip angle, saddle stools allow the closest positioning to the patient, especially at the 8-9:00 positions. Several of the above 'saddle-style' stools offer the same benefits as a true saddle stool, without the groin compression.  Pelvic positioning helps reduce low back strain and, by design, the saddle stool facilitates use of the deep postural stabilizing muscles. Excellent for small operatories, since they move around very easily.

Scandex Saddle Stool

Tel: 888.245.1367

Features: The Bjorn Series 400 stool was evaluated. Medium width, highly padded tilting saddle is a  combination that fit a majority of evaluators well. Rated excellent for comfort and ease of use.  Good for patient access. Armrests are now available for the Bjorn saddle stool. Direct sales only.


Brewer Dynamic 135DSS Split-Saddle Stool

Tel: 800.328.2335

Features:  This unique saddle stool moves with the user--a feature that has been shown in studies to help reduce low back pain.  The split seat fits medium-to-large dentists & hygienists well and desirable by dentists who have tried saddle stools in the past but found the groin compression uncomfortable. 

Salli Saddle Stool

Tel: 800.466.1341

Features: Wide, tilting saddle seat is also available in a split seat design (shown) to help improve comfort--especially for men. Additional padding for the stool is available upon request, however this manufacturer does not recommend thick padding as it may transfer the body weight away from the sit bones.


Crown Seating Saddle Stools

Tel: 800.417.4122

Features: The C90SB (left) and C90SS (right) were received for evaluation.  Armrests are available on both stools.  The C90SB is heavily padded and was rated excellent for comfort by smaller operators probably due to narrow saddle shape. The C90SS was evaluated with armrests by male dentists.  The comfort and ease of adjustment was rated good.  The armrests were rated excellent+.  One comment on the telescoping armrests was how much further these armrests extended than other stools evaluated thus far.