Upcoming Seminars

If you would like to attend one of Ms. Valachi's CE seminars, please contact the individuals listed below for more information on course fees, availability, and course topic.

Please note that In-Office Ergonomic Consultations and some smaller clubs are not listed. To inquire about Bethany's availability to speak at your event, please contact or call 503-291-5121.

To view highlights of Bethany's past lectures, click here.

Seminar Location Date
Asia Pacific World Dental Congress
Contact: Dr. Ramesh Bulbule
Dubai,  UAE June 16-19, 2014
Great Plains Study Club
Contact: Cherron Oakley
Kansas City, MO September 5, 2014
University of Western Ontario
Contact:  Sandra Wagner
London, Ontario September 12, 2014
Oklahoma Dental Hygienist Association
Contact:  Cynthia Baty
Tulsa, OK September 19, 2014
University of Michigan School of Dentistry
Contact:  Michelle Jones
Ann Arbor, MI September 26, 2014
NuImage Advanced Dental Study Club
Contact:  Lisa McNamara
Raleigh, NC November 6, 2014
Victoria & District Dental Society
Contact:  Yolanda Olivotto
Victoria, BC November 14, 2014
Capitol Study Club for Excellence
Contact:  Ron Levine
Salem, OR November 21, 2014
Carolina Dental Forum Study Club
Contact:  Dr. Barrack
Charleston, SC December 11, 2014
21st Century Study Club
Contact:  Jessica Critz
New Brighton, MN February 6, 2015
Seaside Study Club
Contact: Jessica Bradshaw
Jupiter, FL February 10, 2015
Chicago MidWinter Meeting
Contact:  Aloysius Kleszynski
Chicago, IL February 26-28, 2015
Pacific Dental Conference
Contact:  Sharon Brown
Vancouver, BC March 5-7, 2015
True North Study Club
Contact:  Dr. Marshall Wade
Minneapolis, MN March 12-13, 2015
Dayton Dental Society
Contact:  Lynn Ballard
Dayton, OH March 18, 2015
Hinman Dental Meeting
Atlanta, GA March 26-28, 2015
Townie Meeting   
Las Vegas, NV April 17-18, 2015
UNC Chapel Hill
Contact:  Rebecca Wilder
Chapel Hill, NC April 24, 2015
Great Blue Heron Seminars Study Club
Contact:  Coti Louthan
Bellevue, WA May 15, 2015


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