Upcoming Seminars

If you would like to attend one of Dr. Valachi's CE seminars, please contact the individuals listed below for more information on course fees, availability, and course topic.

Please note that In-Office Ergonomic Consultations and some smaller clubs are not listed. To inquire about Bethany's availability to speak at your event, please contact or call 503-291-5121.

To view highlights of Bethany's past lectures, click here.

Seminar Location Date
SW Virginia Advanced Seminars 
RDH lecture

Contact: Colly Anderson
Blacksburg, VA October 28, 2016
Dental SleepMasters
Contact: Dr. Rebecca Lauck
New Orleans, LA October 29, 2016
Ark La Tex Academy of Dentistry
Contact: Ronnie Hermes  
Shreveport, LA November 11, 2016
Jamaica Dental Assoc. Annual Session
Montego Bay, Jamaica February 18-19, 2017
Chicago MidWinter Meeting
Chicago, IL February 24-25, 2017
High Desert Sage Study Club
Contact: Dr. Jack Lincks
Boise, ID March 17, 2017
Oregon Dental Conference
Portland, OR April 6, 2017
New Orleans Dental Conference
New Orleans, LA April 8, 2017
Star of the North Meeting
Minneapolis, MN April 28-29, 2017
Ontario Annual Spring Meeting
Toronto, ON
May 4, 2017
Island Pursuit of Dental Excellence
Contact: Leslie Andrews
Nanaimo, BC, Canada June 9, 2017
Kentucky Dental Association Conference
French Lick, IN August 25-26, 2017
Vermont State Dental Association
Burlington, VT September 14, 2017


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