Upcoming Seminars

If you would like to attend one of Ms. Valachi's CE seminars, please contact the individuals listed below for more information on course fees, availability, and course topic.

Please note that In-Office Ergonomic Consultations and some smaller clubs are not listed. To inquire about Bethany's availability to speak at your event, please contact or call 503-291-5121.

To view highlights of Bethany's past lectures, click here.

Seminar Location Date
ADA Annual Session
Contact: Ms Bridget Callaghan
New Orleans, LA Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2013
Mission Viejo Hygiene Study Club
Contact: Rocky Dystra
Mission Viejo, CA January 9, 2014
Rocky Mt. Dental Convention
Contact: Ms. Shelly Fava
Denver, CO January 23-24, 2014
Yankee Dental Congress
Contact: Ms. Alicia Wright
508-480-9797 X229
Boston, MA Jan 31 - Feb 1, 2014
North Texas Premier Dental Forum
Contact: Ms. Kim Hodges
Fort Worth, TX February 7, 2014
Midwest Dental
Contact: Angie Michlig
Minneapolis, MN February 8, 2014
K2 Study Club
Contact: Cindy Shelly
Cincinnati, OH February 28, 2014
Midsouth Dental Congress
Contact: Ms. Breanne Kintz
Memphis, TN March 8, 2014
Crescent City Study Club
Contact: Dena Nunez
New Orleans, LA March 14, 2014
Star of the South
Contact: Charlotte Bolls
Houston, TX March 28-29, 2014
Western Regional Dental Convention
Contact: Sharon Scronic
Phoenix, AZ April 3-4
Mississippi Dental Hygienist Association
Contact: Elizabeth Carr
Jackson, MS April 11, 2014
Clackamas County Dental Society
Contact: Dr. Fred Bremner
Clackamas, OR April 22, 2014
Star of the North
Contact: Dr. Erik Skatvold
St. Paul, MN April 24, 2014
Chesapeake Health Education Program
Contact: Alyssa Stone
Perry Point, MD May 2, 2014
Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting
Contact: Helen McDowell
Toronto, ON May 9, 2014
Asia Pacific World Dental Congress
Contact: Dr. Ramesh Bulbule
Dubai,  UAE June 16-19, 2014


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