Smart Moves for Dental Professionals in the Operatory

Chairside Stretching and Trigger Point Therapy DVD Kit

DVD Description:
Learn how certain postures and positions can lead to muscle imbalances and painful trigger points among dental professionals.  Operators generally tend to lose flexibility in directions opposite those in which they operate. Reversing these postures through Directional Chairside Stretching is key to developing optimal musculoskeletal health. The benefits and methods of directional chairside stretching are
introduced, with illustrated pictures of 20 chairside stretches and
anatomical photos of the target area. For each stretch, operatory
photos show postures, positions and movements that illustrate how
areas can become painful or injured when delivering dental care. The etiology and self-treatment of painful trigger points is introduced, using a self-massage tool. An excellent video for your next dental society or study club meeting. Also available in PAL DVD format--make selection upon checkout.

DVD Objectives:

  • Learn the etiology of muscle imbalances and trigger points in dentistry
  • Identify the benefits of chairside stretching
  • State the contraindications for chairside stretching
  • Understand postures and positions in the operatory that are risk factors for developing ischemic muscles and trigger points
  • Identify appropriate times to incorporate chairside stretching into the work schedule
  • Learn how to self-treat and manage trigger points
  • Identify appropriate alternate therapies for treatment of trigger points

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Package Includes

  • Chairside Stretching DVD (NTSC or PAL)
  • Chairside Stretching Instruction Manual
  • 3 laminated stretching charts
  • Backnobber device
  • Backnobber Instruction Manual

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AGD PACE Post-test: DOWNLOAD TEST for "Chairside Stretching & Trigger Point Therapy" DVD course.  Published 2003.

CEU credits: 1 credit

AGD Code: 130

Refund: Full refund within 30 days with receipt

Program Provider: Posturedontics, LLC

Instructor: Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS is Clinical Instructor of Ergonomics at OHSU School of Dentistry in Portland, OR.  She lectures internationally, is a physical therapist, Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and author of the book,"Practice Dentistry Pain-Free".

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