The WrisTimer®

Research studies show that one contributing factor to carpal tunnel syndrome is sustained wrist flexion while performing repetitive work. WrisTimer® wrist support provides dental hygienists with a healthy range of motion and avoids damaging wrist flexion during repetitive tasks such as scaling or root planing. Elastic wristband adjusts easily for stable and comfortable wrist compression while the finger loop adjusts to allow the desired range of motion. Designed by an orthopaedic surgeon, the WrisTimer® is used for repetitive stress injuries, post-op rehab, carpal tunnel syndrome and prevention of potentially damaging flexion during activity.

For correct size, measure the circumference of the wrist over the bony prominences.

Size Inches
Small Up to 6.5
Medium 6.5 - 7.5
Large Over 7.5
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Photo for demonstration purposes only - the Wristimer should always be worn underneath a glove.